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Captian David Weller is pictured in front of a Martinsburg Fire Department ambulance at Co. 1. Under the Weller plan, EMSAC would be comprised of four committees, which would allow any issues to first be presented to the appropriate committee for review and discussion. It was very hard to accomplish something (before), Weller said. It could also save time for anyone presenting an issue to EMSAC, according to Weller. If somebody calls the office of EMS and they complain about something that should be referred to EMSAC, EMSAC then listens to their concern, comes up with a solution or multiple solutions. Its then voted on how we are going to handle it, and then we turn that over to the commissioner at (the) Bureau of Public Health and he implements a policy procedure to fix the concern, Weller said. One of the things that I am recommending by going to a committee structure everyone will know that every time EMSAC meets that if they have a problem anywhere in the state, they can come to that EMSAC meeting and they can go to that prospective committee that involves their concern and they can have a voice there and be heard. Weller said this structure would be similar to the state fire commission. The fire side has the state fire commission, which is an actual commission and they control law and rule. The EMS advisory council is simply an advisory it does the same thing, but we dont control law and rule, we make recommendations that the state may implement, Weller said. EMSAC meets at least four times a year in Flatwoods at the medical command center. have some challenges that are going to have to be dealt with, Weller said.

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4 Zoo finds bullet lodged near sick This Is More Because Of Unhealthy Lifestyles Such As Eating Habits, Lack Of Exercises And Many Other Factors. | Talk Samuel Bell rhino’s heart December 27, 2016 A resident at the San Diego Zoo came within inches of becoming a poaching victim instead of part of a conservation program. Zoo authorities say that after ta southern white rhino Wallis came to the zoo from South Africa in November 2015, evidence including a wound near her heart that wouldnt heal led them to believe the 5-year-old female might have been shot at some point, the Los Angeles Times reports. With the help of an extremely powerful metal detector brought in by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Bomb Squad, the zoo confirmed that there was metal inside the 3,000-pound animal. Keepers were preparing Wallis for exploratory surgery when they discovered that a bullet fragment had worked its way back to the wound, so they called zoo veterinarian Dr. Jim Oosterhuis over to remove it. I reached into the wound with my Leatherman tool, grasped the object, made a quick jerking motion, and out popped the bullet fragment with jagged edges, Oosterhuis says in a zoo press release. It feels great to know that we finally have found what we believe to be the source of her infection. By having the fragment work itself out, it eliminated the need for surgery.

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